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Determination of resistant starch content on food samples by enzyme method

Doan Thu Thuong Mac Thi Thanh Hoa Tran Hung Son Cao Cong Khanh
Published 10/03/2022

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Doan Thu Thuong, Mac Thi Thanh Hoa, Tran Hung Son, Cao Cong Khanh. "Determination of resistant starch content on food samples by enzyme method". Vietnam Journal of Food Control. vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 507-515, 2022

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Resistant Starch is a type of fiber of increasing interest due to its beneficial effects on human health. This study has validated the method of determining resistant starch content according to AOAC 2002.02 method. The method has been validated with parameters of calibration curve, repeatability, intermediate reproducibility, and accuracy as required by AOAC. The robustness of the method was evaluated by comparing the content of total resistant starch and digestible starch with the total starch content according to the AOAC 996.11 method. The method has been applied to analyze 36 real samples, the results show that the content of resistant starch varies, ranging from 1 - 42 % depending on the origin, structural characteristics and the way starch is modified.


resistant starch, AOAC 2002.02, fiber


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