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The situation assessment of Coliform, E. coli contamination in foods at charity kitchen in Thanh Hoa province and related factors

Le Hong Son Do Kim Anh Trinh Le Van
Received: 17 Jun 2022
Revised: 26 Jul 2022
Accepted: 26 Jul 2022
Published: 05 Oct 2022

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Le Hong Son, Do Kim Anh, Trinh Le Van. "The situation assessment of Coliform, E. coli contamination in foods at charity kitchen in Thanh Hoa province and related factors". Vietnam Journal of Food Control. vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 498-506, 2022

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A cross-sectional study was conducted on 54 samples of instant foods and 216 people (54 managers and 162 person who directly prepares food) at 54 charity kitchens in Thanh Hoa province. The study showed that 14.8% instant foods at 54 the charity kitchens were contaiminated (over the acceptibility limit) Coliform and E. coli; the percentage of food samples contaminated both Coliform and E. coli were 5.6%; only contaminated Coliform were 3.7% and only contaminated E. coli were 5.6%; 55.6% of the charity kitchens meet the requirements about food safety guarantee, in which 51.9% meet the premises conditions, 66.7% meet the equipment, tools, 59.3% meet the food preservation conditions, 70.4% meet the food processing ingredients and 42.6% meet legal records. The awareness rate of general knowledge and practice of food processing of managers and person who directly prepares food were 60.2% and 53.2%, respectively (which awareness rate of knowledge and practice of managers were 61.1% and 53.7%; person who directly prepares food were 59.9% and 53.1%). The relationship between general knowledge and practice of managers and person who directly prepares food, and relationship between condition for food safety guarantee and the percentage of food samples contaminated at charity kitchen there were statistical different (p < 0,01).


Food safety, charity kitchen.


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