Bìa tạp chí


Guideline for Reviewers


Reviewers for the Vietnam Journal of Food Control are selected by the handling editors based on their knowledge of the field. Reviewers should aware that the manuscript is confidential and the Reviewers must not use it for their own work. This document provides some guidelines for the review process.

Manuscripts are handled using the Vietnam Journal of Food Control online system or via email in special cases. An email is automatically sent to the Reviewers when they are invited to review a new manuscript. The email provides information on the manuscript's title, authors, and abstract.

We usually require Reviewers to submit their report on the manuscript within 20 days. Thus, the invited Reviewers should consider the time before agreeing to review a manuscript. If the Reviewers find any conflict of interest or the field of the manuscript is too far from their expertise, the Reviewers can decline to handle the manuscript. Suggestions for alternative reviewers are welcome.

When the Reviewer accepts the invitation email; the email links to our online system; the new manuscript appears in the Pending Assignments in the Reviewer section.


While reviewing the manuscript, Reviewers should be objective, professional, and courteous. Reviewers should give recommendations to the authors to improve their manuscript and present their research clearly and concisely.

Reviewers are required to give feedback on:

  • Overall assessment:
    • The relevance to the journal’s scopes
    • Have this manuscript report data or conclusions already been published?
    • The scientific quality of the manuscript
    • Research methods
    • Supported data
  • Specific feedback:
    • New findings of the study
    • Issues need further clarification and correction

See our Review Form for further information.

Making decision

Reviewers decide whether the manuscript is Accepted for Publication, Minor Revision, Major Revision, or Not Accepted for Publication.

The manuscript continues to be reviewed until it is accepted or rejected. See our Peer Review Process for further information.

When the review process is complete the paper appears in the Complete assignments in the Reviewer section of the online system.