Vietnamese Journal of Food Control (VJFC)


The Vietnamese Journal of Food Control (VJFC) is an official research journal of the National Institute for Food Control (NIFC), Viet Nam, which was established under the publication license No. 644/GP-BTTT dated December 25, 2017. Its ISNN codes are 2615-9252 (print) and 2134-9152 (online).

VJFC has been accepted by the State Council for Professorship to be in the list of indexed journals of Pharmacy, Chemistry - Food Technology, and Biology Council since 2020.

The Journal publishes four issues annually, which contain two issues in English. The scope of the VJFC includes reviews, original research articles and short communications. It covers the following specific areas:

  • Food Quality and Safety Testing Methods;
  • Quality Control of Testing Results;
  • Food Toxicology;
  • Risk Assessment of the Chemicals and Biological Hazards in Food;
  • Risk Management and Risk Communication;
  • Food Technologies;
  • Food Quality Control and Assurance;
  • Other Food and Food Safety Related Issues.


Vietnamese Journal of Food Control (VJFC), National Institute for Food Control

Address: 65 Pham Than Duat Street, Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Phone: (084)24. 39335735; Fax: (084) 24. 39335738

Secretary: MSc. Vu Thi Thu Huong /

Editor in chief: Dr. Tran Cao Son

 ISNN (print): 2615-9252  ISNN (online): 2134-9152



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