The peer review process

Vietnamese Journal of Food Control

1. The Author(s) submits his/her research manuscript to the Journal by email or via website. The Author(s) is encouraged to use online submission at  

2. The Editorial Board of the Journal checks if the manuscript is relevant to the scope and format requirements of the Journal (within one week).

2.1. If the manuscript matches the criteria, the Editor-in-Chief appoints an Editor to handle the manuscript. The Editor invites at least two Experts to undertake a peer review.

2.2. Otherwise, the manuscript will be rejected and the Author(s) should be notified.

3. The Experts review the manuscript and submit a report to the Editor. The review normally takes two to three weeks.

4. The Editor decides the next steps for the manuscript after receiving the comments and suggestions of Experts: Reject, Revise or Accept for publication.

5. The manuscript to be Revised will then be sent back to the Author(s).

5.1. The Author(s) makes a revision, where appropriate, and sends the revised manuscript to the Journal within 2 - 4 weeks. If the Author(s) does not meet the deadline, the Editor may suggest a rejection.

5.2. The Editor and Experts will make a reassessment of the manuscript. The Editor will make a decision, either: Reject, Revise or Accept for publication (within 2 - 3 weeks).

5.3. The manuscript to be further revised: the manuscript will be reassessed from Step 4 and Step 5 - once again.

6. If the manuscript is Accepted for publication, the Author(s) should be informed

7. If the manuscript is Rejected for publication, the Author(s) should be informed, and the reason(s) shall be given.

8. The manuscript accepted for publication will be sent to the Production. The total time for a peer review of an article ranges from 2 - 4 months.


Diagram of peer review process

Diagram of peer review process